What Would Elle Woods Do NEON MUG [slightly imperfect & discounted]

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ELLE WOODS LOVERS... this is for YOU! There is nothing BRIGHTER or PINKER than the sisterhood of all things Legally Blonde, a movie we adore that shares a hopeful message that's its imperative we avoid judging a book by its cover.. and that endless optimism isn't a character flaw. Not to mention... our middle daughter is named after her, LOL! This bright mug is the happiest way to start your day! 

*This mug is missing the dot under the question mark in a misprint by the manufacturer, so we have marked the price down significantly on this product!*

11 oz. Matte-Finish Fluorescent Mug available in PINK

Gloss white interior

4.75" W x 3.75" H x 3.25" Diameter (11 oz)

Hand-wash only

Material: Ceramic