TEMPLATE BUNDLE: Family Photography Pricing & Session Guides

TEMPLATE BUNDLE: Family Photography Pricing & Session Guides

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Both of these are EQUALLY important when it comes to your client experience! Having a clear and beautiful pricing guide is necessary to get the booking and to make sure you're on the same page for VERY important details regarding the upcoming client experience. The session guide is a professional and up-leveled way to prepare your client for what's to come when working with you!

These templates are incredibly simple to customize using Canva which is completely free. Not only that, we've included a video tutorial for you that will shortcut you having to Google and figure this out on your own. We've got you! You'll be able to change fonts, colors, images and MORE and up-level the inquiry process ASAP! Having a legit pricing and session guide is a game changer and we made these especially for you!

20 fully customizable pages including: 

  • 6 different cover options
  • Welcome page
  • Location page
  • Page discussing time (sunset, sunrise, rain dates and reschedules)
  • Outfits, turnaround time, image delivery and more
  • Additional optional page for outfits
  • Pricing page 
  • Alternative pricing page 
  • Full size image page
  • Thank you page

21 fully customizable pages including: 

  • 5 different cover options
  • Welcome page
  • What to wear page & what to wear continued
  • Five-image page for outfit examples
  • Two "reassurance" pages (we use sensitive family situations, you can use something different)
  • Two weather pages
  • Location page
  • Image delivery info page
  • Additional info page
  • Thank you page
  • 6 bonus pages to use how you want

Once you purchase, you will receive a PDF download with three hyperlinks. One is the video tutorial, the other two links take you right to your templates on Canva so you can get to customizing right away!